Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Lab is an international information security software vendor headquartered in Moscow, Russia and has regional offices in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Japan, China, the United States. Further expanding the company’s reach is its large partner network comprising over 500 companies globally.

Kaspersky Lab develops, produces and distributes information security solutions that protect customers from IT threats. Providing products with world class anti-malware and anti-virus protection for workstations, laptops, file servers, mail servers, Internet gateway or smartphones, giving the customer complete confidence that the network is secure, whether employees are working in the office, remotely or at home.

Kaspersky Lab products are certified by West Coast Labs and regularly receive awards from leading IT publications and testing labs. In 2003 Kaspersky Lab received the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status for Security Solutions. Kaspersky Lab is also a proud partner of SUSE and Red Hat. Experts from Kaspersky Lab are active in IT associations such as CARO (Computer Antivirus Research Organization) and ICSA (International Computer Security Association).

Kaspersky Lab products for business are designed for businesses of all sizes, from networks that comprise only a handful of workstations to the most complex corporate networks. Advanced scalability combined with support for all types of endpoints and platforms ensure our solutions cope successfully with even the most challenging and dynamic network structures.

Solutions and services for Enterprise and SMB

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is a platform that offers a broad array of tools and technologies to enable companies to see, control and protect all endpoint devices. It combines its technologies and tools into four tiers, each of which adds its own layer of protection against cyberthreats. The first level – Core – contains our award-winning anti-malware technologies. Next come the Select and Advanced tiers, offering modern endpoint control and encryption. Finally, Total level security provides the best protection for each area of the network – web, mail and collaboration servers alike. At every level Kaspersky Security Network provides powerful cloud-assisted protection to every component, and Kaspersky Security Center tools help IT specialists to manage the whole company’s IT defenses from a single console.

Kaspersky Security Center allows organizations to implement a flexible, scalable security solution management model. It can operate on networks of any size, from a small group of machines to a complex distributed network. Easy to install, and time-efficient to manage, protection system management with Kaspersky Security Center minimizes the total cost of ownership of any Kaspersky Lab security solution.

There are also a number of targeted security solutions that can be added to any tier of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business suite or used as stand-alone products to ensure peace of mind in certain specific areas:

  • –    Kaspersky Security for File Server
  • –    Kaspersky Security for Mobile
  • –    Kaspersky Systems Management
  • –    Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Storage
  • –    Kaspersky Security for Collaboration
  • –    Kaspersky Security for Mail Server
  • –    Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway
  • –    Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
Products for very small business

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed to provide effective protection against all types of Internet threats and is easy to install and use without special administration tools. Sensible default settings let you protect all your systems effortlessly, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business without worrying about security.